The QHL word mark and logo is a registered trademark of Guangzhou Qihang Operating Company Ltd. in the China

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Guangzhou Tops Service International Logistics Co., Ltd. (QHL) was established in Guangzhou, China in 2008.(Has served so far.: Days),It has developed from a single logistics agency business into a cutting-edge brand dedicated to cross-border e-commerce logistics services. It integrates international high-quality logistics resources and provides e-commerce sellers with safety, efficiency and high quality. Cost-effective logistics services. According to the customer's own situation, customize targeted logistics solutions to help you expand your business to the world and enhance the core competitiveness of your products.

QHL focuses on China-US cross-border logistics full-link services, providing cross-border e-commerce sellers with professional "full-chain" services such as ocean freight, air freight, B2B order management, overseas warehousing, Amazon FBA, truck distribution, and international express delivery.

QHL has administrative personnel department, finance department, marketing department, business department, customer service department, operation department, and dedicated line business department. Each department cooperates with division of labor, each performs its own responsibilities, and effectively guarantees. Each position formulates strict service operation procedures to complete the work efficiently and accurately. We are constantly learning, advancing in exploration, improving ourselves in practice, striving to build a business image of integrity, professionalism and efficiency, and provide high-quality services to more customers at home and abroad.

The QHL word mark and logo is a registered trademark of Guangzhou Qihang Operating Company Ltd. in the China.